Friday, October 2, 2009

Heth's Run Ice Cream Social, Sepetember 9,2009 | 6:00 p.m

The Morningside Area Community Council, the Highland Park CDC and the Pittsburgh Zoo organized an ice cream social where stakeholders also got to learn about the Heth's Run Restoration Project. We enjoyed ice cream and river views while discussing strategies for the future of our riverfront. We also brainstormed ideas about how to reconnect the East End to the Allegheny River through the Highland Park/Heth's Run greenway.

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  1. I attended the Heth's Run project update & ice cream social earlier this September.
    The gathering of Morningside, Highland Park residents, local business purveyors and local officials was well represented, informative and worthwhile. As a young homeowner I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn about projects happening in my neighborhood. While this is a long term solution, knowing the day to day issues of traffic, parking and human frustration are being addressed is a bit of unexpected comfort. Having support from those involved by sharing updates on the planning, execution and potential pitfalls of the project shows there is a human side to Urban Development in the area. Seeing faces of city and county representatives at a community meeting helps me feel there is an ear in local government. The free ice cream from Zebra Station made for a sweet finale!

    -- Katie Jones